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About CoWork591

CoWork591 is Jesup’s first-ever coworking space - where local professionals can meet to network and collaborate together.

Whether you need private office space to meet a client, or prefer a comfortable sofa and side table in a relaxed, yet professional setting, we have you covered. 

These spaces are ideal for “work from home” professionals looking for an alternate space to work in the company of others. Various education and professional-based programming will be available in the public space for community members and business professionals alike.

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Furniture that fits your Style


Our modern furniture is comfortable and versatile - traditional desks, chairs and sofas, or high tables and stools are just some of the options available to our clients.  

Have A Cup


Freshly brewed FAT CUP coffee to help fuel your workday.  Other beverage options will be available and space to keep your own beverage chilled.

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Collaborate & Work


CoWork591 provides a welcoming environment for business professionals. Ideal for those working from home, or to collaborate with others in a networking setting. The open Community Lounge space boasts various seating arrangements and can accommodate up to 40 people. The Conference Room is equipped with state-of-the art technology for face-to-face meetings or phone- or web-based conference calls.


We have a wide array of various amenities that are included in your day pass and even more for members.  We also have rooms available to rent for your various needs by the hour, day or longer. 

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